New Film Company Jaywalker Pictures by Laura Dern and Arkansas Native Jayme Lemons

Laura Dern and Jayme Lemons

Jayme Lemons of Waldron, AR, has been working with Laura Dern since the 2000 Robert Altman film “Dr. T and the Women.” In an interview with Variety, Laura Dern said, "We want films and television that we feel have value, that have plot and complicated characters, perhaps politically subversive pieces. Things that hold comedic irreverence. From that place, it started to grow.” Jayme Lemons produced fellow Arkansans director Daniel Campbell and scriptwriter Graham Gordy's "Antiquities." had the pleasure of meeting Graham Gordy at the Arkansa Cinema Society event 2017/05/08. Laura Dern has been seen recently in HBO's "Big Little Lies," and starring in the upcoming revival of "Twin Peaks" on Showtime. Lemons was a producer on the HBO series "Enlightened;" Dern starred and executive produced.

Jayme Lemons is on the board of the Arkansas Cinema Society.

The Arkansas film industry isn't wasting any time this week! The Arkansas Times has been following these developments diligently. See the sources below for more details on Jaywalker Productions formed by Jayme Lemons and Laura Dern.


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